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The Watchtowers (EarthWatch)


Time travelers watch our downfall from their invisible sky cities, the Watchtowers. Agdinar is one of their Watchers, not old enough to drive an air-vehicle but old enough to get into a lot of trouble with one of them. He rebels against the Watchtowers’ hierarchy by taking aerial joyrides over the perilous world of 2,056’s New York.

After a fight with the lead Overseer, Agdinar runs away and breaks one more rule when he tries to rescue two early-human girls from the Hawks, the band of armed extremists that occupies Manhattan and most of what’s left of the country. He saves Sarinda, the strong-willed Major’s daughter, but loses her friend Tysa to the Hawks.

Agdinar has changed the city’s future and, if found by the Towers, he would be punished with permanent stasis. Ignoring his fears, Agdinar remains in the lower world to help Sarinda rescue Tysa.

But this would be only the first of their problems. New York is approaching what would be known as the Second Descent, the start of centuries of worldwide chaos.

As they battle to save their city, the ultimate design the Watchtowers have for our future would be revealed.

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