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The Fences of The Light


Lucien Strand sought refuge from the fog that enveloped his early years in a scientific career. But his lonely life in the United States is shaken by news of a centuries-old house in downtown Buenos Aires he has mysteriously inherited from his parents. Lucien is besieged by visions of alien storms, experiences time shifts, and he keeps encountering Sylvia—a girl with unearthly purple eyes—in dreams that feel like time travel.

Forced to travel back home, Lucien will have to confront his lost faith and the love he still has for someone left behind. And his visit would soon turn dangerous, as he has awakened dark forces left by the dictatorships, evils that are again chasing him. Lucien’s search for his family’s true history would take him to a forgotten beach on the coasts of Argentina.


Lucien had wanted to find a clear answer to his questions. Instead, he will learn the truth about some of the universe’s greatest secrets—the nature of time and the origin of a new cosmic god.

And he will find love that is not of this world

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