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Advance Praise for The Watchtowers (EarthWatch)

What happens when the watcher becomes the watched? [...] Your pulse will try to keep pace with how fast you wind up turning the pages. Your pulse will lose.

L. C. Fiore, award-winning author of The Last Great American Magic

The master of mind bending and time bending, J.D. Cortese, is at it again with his new novel, THE WATCHTOWERS. It's an adventure of epic proportions that will keep you saying, 'Just one more chapter!'.

Padgett Gerler, award-winning author of What Does Love Sound Like?

In THE WATCHTOWERS, J.D. Cortese invites you into a future dystopian New York using time travel, action, and science fiction. The descriptions are vivid, and you can almost smell the desolation while feeling the clock-ticking countdown. Masterful world-building that grips you and keep you engaged until the end.

Tracie Barton-Barrett, author of Buried Deep in Our Hearts

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