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Praise for The Sound of a Broken Chain

This exciting story irresistibly combines Mission Impossible-like action and intrigue with rich character and magical realism elements. But additionally, this page-turner is rooted in context, a historical novel at its core.

Gregg Cusick, author of My Father Moves Through Time Like a Dirigible

If you're a fan of intrigue, time travel, magical realism, and, especially, excellent writing, The Sound of a Broken Chain is a must-read for you.

Padgett Gerler, award-winning author of What Does Love Sound Like?


"There's much more to books than what their authors can see.”

I have been trying to comment on my Argentina time travel novels—one published a while ago, the other coming in a few weeks. But I keep unearthing more material every time I look. I have filled an entire notebook with what wasn’t explicitly told in these novels. Or was it? The question nags me as it implies that there’s much more to books than what their authors can see.

It might seem obvious to consider books as more than the sum of their sentences, but we can’t be sure our readers would always understand messages coming from the author’s subconscious (or created by the structure of the book itself). Stories can be interpreted in ways never visualized while writing them and contain ideas that aren’t obvious in a first read. And who has time these days to read a book more than once?

While I was busy with my story and the journey of its characters, the book didn’t bother to explain these hidden themes and perspectives to me. The paradox is that perhaps discovering these truths was why I had started the long journey to write my books, and it won’t be completed until I know them.

To learn something more after reading my two novels a hundred times, I started this series of comments about what you (possible reader) might not see while enjoying my stories—or while being mad at the parts where you were supposed to be mad at the said story.

Perhaps this exorcism of sorts would make my next book (including the conclusion of my Argentina-based time travel trilogy) simpler, free of all its subconscious hideouts. A psychoanalyzed book that has walked away from anxiety in perfect mental harmony. A book that’s purely story and great characters, well-adapted to society’s needs . A book that doesn’t pass the Turing Test and computers would be writing with ease in the next decade.

Or, more likely, the process will create books with so many twists and hidden, unnatural passages to resemble Escher paintings. Books that have their own ideas about being a book.

I will be very proud of writing those books.

Watch this outlet for more reports on this new journey. See you next time.

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